Malaysia eVisa

Entry Specifications, Validity, Length of Authorized Stay about Malaysia eVisa

The eVisa for Malaysia is a form of SEV (Single Entry Visa) which is authorized by the Malaysian Government to those who want to visit and travel Malaysia for different purposes. An authorized eVisa allows your entrance for 90 days (i.e. 3 months) and for 30 days stay in the country as well.

What are the Passport guidelines?

If you are looking to apply for eVisa for Malaysia, you will have to follow the provided guidelines. Also, there are certain rules set for the passport as well. The passport of the visitors must hold a validity of 6 months at least. The validity period would be counted from the day of application.

About Malaysia eVisa Required Documents

While applying for Malaysia eVisa, it is required to have some mandatory documents ready with you with their validity. Here are the documents which need to be scanned & uploaded while filling the application.

  • Latest passport size digital photo. as per Guidelines (of measurement)
  • Frontpage of passport (as per Sample)
  • Return flight booking confirmation. (Optional)
  • Birth certificate of kids and minors
  • Valid passport (with at least 6 months of validity)

What are the documents needed upon arrival at Malaysia entry checkpoints?

The following documents are required to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia entry checkpoints:

  • Your eVisa printout
  • Sufficient funds (Cash/ Travellers Cheque/Debit or Credit Cards) to cover expenses during your stay at Malaysia
  • Confirmed returned flight ticket
  • Proof of accommodation

Required documents needed at Malaysia entry checkpoints

When you enter Malaysia, you need to have some mandatory documents ready with you. These are required to be shown upon arrival at entry checkpoints:

  • Printout of eVisa
  • Sufficient finances (Cash/Debit or Credit Cards/Travelers Cheque) to cover all the expenses during the stay.
  • Returned flight ticket (Confirmed)
  • Accommodation proof

Eligible countries for eVisa Malaysia

Citizens of these countries are eligible for an eVisa. These include India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Montenegro, Pakistan, Serbia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.

Status and Verification of eVisa

All the applicants will have to provide a valid email ID so that they get the verification mail on it. Also, they will get the status of their application approval on this email as well. When the application is completed and approved, the Malaysia eVisa will be sent directly via email.

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