Malaysia eVisa Application

A Malaysia evisa in the form of an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is required to travel to Malaysia for a short period. E-visa will allow you to travel to Malaysia only once. To be eligible for an online Malaysia evisa application, your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of entry into Malaysia.

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Malaysia visa

All visitors who wish to visit the beautiful country of Malaysia require a proper visa to enter Malaysia. This visa is delivered by the authorized organization to the country. Eligible candidates can apply online for an eVisa. It is necessary to fill in the online application form containing all the necessary information and details to apply for an approved eVisa for Malaysia.

If we are talking about short-term travel to Malaysia, an ETA is necessary for a Malaysian eVisa. You can only visit Malaysia for once with an eVisa. To apply online eVisa Malaysia with your passport must be valid for at least six months after arriving in Malaysia. Discussing everything about this process, how we travel, and how we handle things is essential. Right! We are the answer to your issue.

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Types of Visa to know


Malaysia recently launched an electronic visa system, and with this evisa, you can meet adventurers from all over the world who wish to apply for a Malaysian e-Visa and see this great country for tourism or business purpose. Save time and avoid long lines by applying online. The Malaysia entry visa application process is available online, allowing visitors to apply for a visa without visiting an embassy. Tourists, people in business, and social travelers can all apply for the Malaysia e-Visa. Over time, visa requirements and restrictions change. The terms and regulations for e-Visa will therefore be the most accurate and up-to-date. Despite this, only a few people can apply for a Malaysian visa online.


According to Malaysian Immigration, most e-NTRI holders are permitted entrance for 15 days. It is an online registration form that the Malaysian Government announces entry into Malaysia of capable countries under the Visa Waiver Scheme. A registration certification will also be issued and must be presented on arrival in Malaysia. Here are the queries that come to your mind about registering for a Malaysian visa online. If you want to learn additionally, please read this website to understand more about using Malaysian visas, eligibility, and other travel tips. No extension is permitted.

Single Entry Visa

One individual is only allowed into the country at a time with a single entry visa (SEV). You cannot return after leaving the country; your visa will automatically expire. You can obtain a single entry visa for brief trips like conferences or business meetings. Tourists are typically required to adhere to the period of stay that the immigration authorities have approved. Before you go, you will receive a certificate from the embassy or consulate as part of the visa application procedure. You must complete entrance standards, submit paperwork, and pay costs. Make sure to factor your visa into your travel plans.

Multiple Entry Visa

This visa is valid for a considerable time and is eligible for multiple access. Visitors do not need to reapply for this visa and may freely enter and exit the country. This visa may be used for various things, including travel, conferences, and business. This type of visa is distinct from a multiple entry visa (MEV), which enables several entries within a limited time. The immigration authorities decide how long a person may stay at each entry.

Transit Visa

You will be granted a transit visa if you pass through Malaysia and can show sufficient documentation of your travel arrangements, such as tickets for your next destination. You will be awarded a single/double entry visa with a maximum validity of 15 days if you travel through India. You must reapply if you cannot enter Malaysia within 15 days of receiving your visa. The visa expires when it is issued. You are permitted a three-day stay in Malaysia. Ensure you have the correct visa for your final destination before applying for a transit visa. Transit visas are not provided at airports.

Malaysia eVisa Requirements And Eligibility

You should be aware of a few factors about your visa application. Depending on the reason
for their visit, Indian citizens can apply online for different sorts of eVisas. The following are some of the several visas you can apply for:

  • - Tourist eVisa for travel, tour, visiting friends/family, and short trips to Malaysia.
  • - Student eVisa to study at a registered school or university in Malaysia.
  • - Expatriate eVisa for employment at a registered company in Malaysia.
  • - Medical eVisa for medical treatment with any of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) members.

Kinds of Malaysian Visa

Depending on the reason for your travel and the duration of your stay, Malaysia offers a variety of visa kinds.

  • - Malaysia Tourist visa
  • - Malaysia Transit visa
  • - Malaysia Student visa
  • - Malaysia Business visa
  • - Malaysia Permanent Residence visa
  • - Malaysia Resident pass
  • - Malaysia Employment visa

The validity period of Malaysian eVisa

The e-visa is good for three months and entitles the bearer to a 30-day stay in the country. In India, you can utilize the e-visa to apply for a new entry visa or a multiple-visa application. The e-visa application is valid for three months. The duration of the visa application stay, however, is only 30 days.

Documents Required for Malaysia evisa

  • - Passport-size photo for eVisa Malaysia online.;
  • - Scan the front page of your passport.
  • - Confirmed return flight ticket reservation.
  • - A hotel reservation or other proof of lodging in Malaysia is required.
  • - A birth certificate is required in the case of a minor.
  • - Payment for the visa fees

You'll be logged in to your visa application when you apply on our website page. You can even scan your passport and apply for a Malaysia e-visa!

Processing Time for Malaysia eVisa

The processing time for eVisa is usually two working days. Each eVisa application is evaluated on its own merits. However, processing times may different based on the visa application's nature and the visit's intended purpose. The visa application is processed once the eVisa fees are paid and the application is submitted online.

How to Malaysia Visa Status?

Following the visa application, you check your visa status; this is straightforward and easy to do online.

  • - Go to our official eVisa website page and login.
  • - Enter your passport number
  • - Reference number you received via email when making your application.
  • - Select an eVisa or eNTRI
  • - Submit, then you'll be able to see your Malaysia eVisa

The eVisa Malaysia Entry Requirements

Malaysia has entry requirements just like any other country. However, Malaysia entry requirements
are simple to fulfill. It would be best if you had the following:

  • - A valid passport for more than six months.
  • - Prove that you have the financial means to support yourself during your stay.
  • - You won't be listed as a suspect on the Malaysia Immigration Department's suspicious person list or the stolen, lost travel document system.
  • - It is not categorized as a prohibited immigrant.
  • - Show proof of sufficient funds.

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